Save money with a solar-powered charger

Save money with a solar-powered charger

There’s no doubt that energy prices are soaring.

While energy companies announce record profits, the consumer is still lumbered with higher-than-inflation price increases and worries about oil and gas reserves creating uncertainties about future energy supplies.

With energy being such a political topic, over which wars are fought and hundreds of people are killed, it makes sense that as individuals we take what control we can over our energy generation and consumption.

Where solar-powered chargers come in

Solar-powered chargers are a great way of independently adding to your energy resources, both ensuring a continued supply of energy and reducing your utility expenses.

A lot of people make the mistake of leaving their mains chargers plugged in once they have stopped using them. This continues to use energy – figures of up to 80% of the energy use of mobile phone chargers have been suggested. A solar charger continues to provide free energy for as long as it is within the sunlight, and even after your device is charged, there is no ‘waste’ – the sun doesn’t mind its energy is converted to electricity!

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