Solar-powered chargers provide free, environmentally-friendly energy

Solar-powered chargers provide free, environmentally-friendly energy

An obvious benefit of solar-powered chargers is that they do not require any energy consumption to run.

Generating energy from the sun, rather than through the mains electricity system, reduces the strain on power stations and the national grid, thus reducing the need for fossil fuels to be burned to generate energy.

Solar-powered chargers for non-critical items

Many of the kinds of appliances solar-powered chargers are suitable for small, non-critical items with low power requirements, such as mp3 players, iPods, hand-held consoles such as Playstation Portables and Gameboys, and even the mundane, like a television remote controls.

Because of the relatively unimportant role that these appliances play in our lives (they are not as critical as, say, power for a heating boiler or power for lighting our homes) it is perhaps desirable that such non-essential items be taken off the strained mains power grid, to reduce both power consumption and to ensure that where fossil fuels, etc are being used to generate electricity, they are being used for absolutely critical appliances and not things which we could really live without.

This may become more important as energy sources become scarcer in the future.

Solar Powered Chargers – reducing waste

Using solar-powered chargers instead of disposable batteries also reduces the number of those batteries which end up, unrecycled, on land-fill sites.

Batteries leak dangerous chemicals in the ground, contaminating it preventing human habitation and even leaking into water sources, potentially making them toxic and unfit for human or animal consumption.

Although rechargeable batteries are available, disposable alkaline batteries are still very common, and particularly in cheaper electronic goods, poorer quality seals are used on the cheap batteries that come with the television remote controls and children’s toys.

Using a solar-powered charger to charge up rechargeable batteries is a real way of reducing the effects of disposable alkaline batteries.

Solar-powered chargers – reducing the strain

If people thought about their energy needs, not wants, then we could reduce the strain on our energy infrastructure while helping the environment, and our pockets, along the way.

But I don’t want to stop using my iPod/MP3 player/remote control/PSP/Gameboy!

This is where solar-powered chargers come in. People don’t want to give up their little luxuries such as their mp3 players, iPods and hand-held gaming devices. Why should they?

The answer: solar-powered chargers give the best of both worlds.

Solar-powered chargers allow us to have the best of both worlds. On the one hand, we help to reduce energy consumption by limiting mains electricity use to critical applications such as heating, lighting and other fundamental uses. On the other hand, we are still able to make use of our non-essential items, by charging them with solar-powered chargers.

Solar-powered chargers – saving the planet and maintaining our lifestyle, at the same time

If enough people subscribed to this view, and significant numbers of portable, low-power and non-essential appliances were powered with solar-powered chargers, the reduction in energy consumption on our national energy infrastructure could be significant.

This way we could help save the planet, save our budgets, and continue to live life with all the little luxuries we have come to love. All at the same time, and all thanks to solar-powered chargers.

Give this a thought when you are next buying some batteries to power your iPod or plugging in your cell phone to the mains. Using a solar-powered charger instead could be a step towards genuine change in our energy consumption and our impact on the world.

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